As a leader, Lola’s ability to recognize and adapt to changes in an increasingly uncertain marketplace is one of her greatest assets. In 2011, she became the first minority and African to lead West Michigan’s largest real estate industry trade group, the Grand Rapids Association of REALTORS. Lola has also served as a Director for the State of Michigan through the Michigan REALTORS and the Board of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons. For over two decades she has successfully negotiated hundreds of transactions and secured over one million dollars of concessions and debt forgiveness for clients who were underwater in their mortgages.

Lola graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison with a double major. She worked in healthcare marketing prior to entering the real estate industry. Her passion for learning aided her adaptation within two industries where the terminology and geography was totally foreign to her African heritage. Lola’s experiences and accomplishments have provided great insights when it comes to understanding what it takes to excel and adapt within rapidly changing environments. She has developed curriculum for courses certified by the State of Michigan for real estate brokers and salespersons including the first course on social media to be approved for continuing education within the industry in the nation. 

Because of her international perspective, Lola generated the impetus for the creation of the first international taskforce by the Grand Rapids Association of REALTORS to facilitate better understanding of global relocations. Lola’s wisdom in leading organizations through crisis to stabilization has resulted in service and education to a wide range of business and non-profit organizations. If you’re looking for someone who knows what it takes to lead and excel in a rapidly changing world where the global is increasingly affecting the local, Lola is a sure fire catalyst to engage your journey with the wisdom of insightful storytelling, passion and humor.


Lola’s courses are designed to inspire innovation and redesign through the chaos that informs periods of crisis and transition.


Dynamic thought provoking content designed to inspire audiences to re-think assumptions and redirect attention to new ways of harnessing emerging opportunities. Topic Focus: Leadership, Innovation, Real Estate 


Coursework is certified through the CE Marketplace of the State of Michigan. Topic Focus: Placemaking, Smart Cities, Fair Housing, Civil Rights, Netiquette, Risk Reduction, Government Regulation - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau


Workshops and seminars may include any combination of published coursework or can be customized for the needs of the organization.


Lola doesn’t just connect dots; she expands your creativity through re-defining the shape of possibility. As an inspired educator, she utilizes insightful wisdom to challenge her audience in re-examining the nature of their own experiences.


Moving beyond the ‘how to’! Social media is about more than just posting, blogging, commenting and poking. Learn how to engage your audience and nurture relationships while boosting your level of service and profit.


Leadership in a rapidly changing environment requires a unique skill set that is able to address and adapt resources in creative ways. Lola’s experience and success in harnessing untapped potential to facilitate effective solutions through chaos and challenge provide valuable information and knowledge for organizations and individuals managing change.


Today’s clients’ are as likely to meet you online as they are in person. Social media and technology has changed the reputation management business. Hire Lola to increase your level of customer engagement and create effective platforms for communication and programming. 


“Education shapes the lens through which we experience and transform our world.” Lola Audu